First Date Ideas

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  • allayahjay123 ( 18, Bi woman / mandeville, Manchester )

    My first date would be the movies, i dont want to go somewhere boring i want to go some where fun first and see where the relationships goes.

  • sashavause ( 19, Bi woman / Santo Domingo Este, Distrito Nacional )

    Lets go to the movies, enjoy dinner. Talk. Laugh. Get toknow each other.

  • Scorpio254T ( 32, Bi-curious woman / Bartlett, TX )

    Since we are getting to know each other shopping, movies, dining where we can talk then afterwards... Dancing n Drinks...

  • queen4you ( 40, Bi-curious woman / Bremerton, WA )

    Maybe some drinks and appetizers and if everything goes ok we can take it to the movies and get cuddley and hot.......then some kisses and touching .........

  • Jessica372016 ( 38, Bi-curious woman / Franklin, MA )

    I like to go see a good movie and out to eat or have something to eat.

  • Tombegley18 ( 21, Bi-curious man / Casselberry, FL )

    I prefer first dates as going to the movies or going out someone to eat. Mostly, the basic dating ideas.

  • Will_01_1 ( 39, Bi man / Kitchener, ON )

    I would enjoy going out to see a movie we both would enjoy followed by drinks at a small local pub where we can chat and fet to know one another better and then we'll see where we end up.

  • Christi20 ( 22, Bi-curious woman / Hackettstown, NJ )

    I think the best first idea would be going to the movies or grabbing a small meal and getting to know each other or hanging out at a park or something small.

  • AlySchiltz ( 18, Bi-curious woman / Manchester, IA )

    I like movies I would also be okay with coffee

  • ciaracole ( 26, Bi woman / Akron, OH )

    good movie to waching

  • gautey ( 25, Bi-curious man / Somerset, NJ )

    How about a movie and dinner?

  • gothicbiwomen28 ( 28, Bi woman / Austin, TX )

    We either meet or I'll pick you up, Greet ourselves to each other, I'll hand you flowers or Candy's whatever you like. Well grab our tickets and seats and just chat a bit with each other till the movie begins.

  • jellow ( 49, Bi woman / Bristol, IN )

    movie a walk to get to know each eather

  • BiExplore ( 48, Bi-curious man / Winnipeg, MB )

    Something entertaining without the horror!

  • reader13 ( 24, Bi-curious woman / Saskatoon, SK )

    My ideal first date would be dinner and a movie, I'm not picky where the meal is just as long as it's good I am not a salad girl. As for the movie whatever is playing, I tend to stray towards horror unless there's a Marv...  read more>>

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