First Date Ideas

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  • Tailaf ( 21, Bi woman / Midlothian, VA )

    I mean, I would def say a nice movie and dinner and then you could be my dessert 😊

  • Gaboose ( 21, Bi woman / Blenhiem, South Island )

    I guess a first good date would be going to the movies or to a cafe or out to dinner. It'd be a great first impression.

  • Ic30724 ( 18, Bi-curious man / Columbus, OH )

    Nice movie and fun afterwards.

  • Persephone13 ( 21, Bi woman / Chester, VT )

    Going to the movies and getting ice cream afterwards while we discuss the movie.

  • Mrd2016 ( 28, Bi man / Kitchener, ON )

    It totally depends on the person. My personal default is dinner and a movie, but I'd be interested in getting outside the box depending on what the other is interested in. I like leading, but I also enjoy providing for t...  read more>>

  • Shaigirl ( 24, Bi woman / Freeport, IL )

    Definitely the movies and apple bee's after just something simple to start with

  • Reggie1894 ( 18, Bi-curious man / Spencer, OK )

    we meet at the entrance and hug and kiss after the we get a burger together

  • peachrose ( 31, Bi-curious woman / Lancaster, CA )

    I enjoy movie dates as being the first date, it serves as a better ice breaker having the movie to talk about.

  • arrow448 ( 48, Bi-curious man / Marianna, FL )

    This should be spontanious.

  • rominacz ( 18, Bi-curious woman / Hyattsville, MD )

    I would love to watch a movie and then go out for ice cream, we can talk about how great or terrible the movie was XD and just get to know the other better :) like what your favorite hobbies are, your weird habits if you...  read more>>

  • mej2016 ( 35, Bi-curious woman / Jersey City, NJ )

    The movies would be nice. and to dinner and a hotel.

  • samiya018 ( 19, Bi woman / Newark, NJ )

    we go to the movies and watch a movie lol or just go and have some fun

  • JustAGirl1215 ( 25, Bi-curious woman / Rochester, IN )

    I would prefer to meet at the movies and just hang out and maybe eat out somewhere afterwards to talk. Or we could do that in reverse order

  • Sammybadland77 ( 22, Bi man / Brisbane, Queensland )

    Maybe a movie and a dinner afterwards to get to know each other

  • reneeajohnson11 ( 19, Bi woman / Amarillo, TX )

    Going out to the movies, go home play video games and .....

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