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  • miahgirl1 ( 35, Bi woman / Randolph, WI )

    We would like to meet up at our house watch a movie or 2 and then if in the mood have some fun in the bedroom

  • alafia ( 40, Bi-curious woman / Harper Woods, MI )

    Please b-more & be good those who R good to U!

  • serenitydivine ( 35, Bi woman / London, England - London )

    Fun dance west Jacuzzi raving

  • Annaberii ( 22, Bi couple / Midland, TX )

    My dude and I love watching movies, we think that would be a causal way to start things off. After watching a good movie is always a way to just chat the night away rather than forced conversation at dinner or something  more>>

  • FunLolalove ( 24, Bi woman / New Haven, CT )

    Any where I can make any where fun to be

  • CarlaB ( 35, Bi-curious woman / Merthyr Tydfil, Wales - Glamorgan )

    Walking cinema swimming gym bowling anything fun or active

  • CoCo1414 ( 20, Bi woman / Toledo, OH )

    Dont matter we are down for whatever u prefer. Your choice of pick.

  • brownlily2026 ( 28, Bi woman / Crosby, TX )

    I would love to go old school and build a bond by watching movies. I prefer comedies, horror, drama, and suspense sometimes.

  • BabyBlues79 ( 36, Bi woman / Windsor Locks, CT )

    Sharing quiet time together....

  • sexycouplensa ( 43, Bi couple / Cibolo, TX )

    Dinner, a movie, and if possible a midnight hike with some herb :p

  • Cutiegirl25 ( 35, Bi-curious woman / Milford, DE )

    I like to go to the movies alot

  • happyhour89 ( 26, Bi woman / Mobile, AL )

    Even when Matt was first date would be or whatever they would like to go I think you're the best for them to have fun but I would love to take them out to eat movies drinks and excetera

  • Sexkitten43 ( 43, Bi couple / Mulberry, AR ) dinner and.maybe a romantic walk in the moon light and a red.rose

  • meffkid ( 35, Bi-curious man / Elberta, AL )

    Going to the xxx movie store getten some videos going somewhere to get really high and watch videos and they make me dress up inpanties and stuff.

  • juicy_kitty ( 37, Bi-curious woman / Aurora, CO )

    I am easy a cup of coffee or movies at hone sitting in the park talking I just want to get to know the person.

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