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  • LillianaBanderat ( 37, Bi woman / Philadelphia, PA )

    It would be really nice to go see a movie at the movies, then out to dinner and finally a walk on the beach :)

  • Bycuriosangie44 ( 43, Bi woman / Wichita, KS )

    Watch a funny movie

  • Puppylove121 ( 23, Bi woman / Crooksville, OH )

    Movie night and Lunch and having a good time

  • Reservoir26 ( 26, Bi-curious man / Dartmouth, NS )

    For me, an easy fall back is the classic dinner and a movie. However, I'm always down for something adventurous.

  • Hadleyman67 ( 18, Bi man / Owensville, MO )

    We have a nice dinner were I pay and then we can go on a nice walk

  • Lonelykitty32 ( 32, Bi woman / Helendale, CA )

    We would got a movie or your choice, then I would take out to your favorite dinner spot, after wards we would go for a quiet peaceful walk just the two of us, so then I will hold your hand as walk and talk, at the end of...  read more >>

  • ddom_geek ( 33, Bi man / Los Angeles, CA )

    My idea of fun is fooling around watching Marvel/DC films. Like a nerdy Netflix and Chill lol.

  • MelissaChris ( 37, Bi-curious couple / Houston, TX )

    First date? Well how about the movies? You can learn a lot about someone just from the movies they watch. We are both horror movie fans, what does that say about us?

  • Aynsleigh ( 25, Bi woman / Nagoya, Aichi )

    I know I said I was adventurous but for a first date you just can't beat the old dinner and a movie. Your entertained, your full and you have time and space to talk and get to know each other.

  • kayla123xo ( 20, Bi woman / Ansonia, CT )

    First we will go to the movies, you can pick the movie. Then we will go to dinner your choice

  • lilly_da_bi_gurl ( 20, Bi woman / Minneapolis, MN )

    the moves than dinner and than home for some fun ;)

  • alexjfitch4200 ( 18, Bi woman / Kennesaw, GA )

    See a movie and cuddle

  • alejandrasvt ( 19, Bi woman / Joshua, TX )

    we could go grab a bite to eat and then go see a movie together.then we could go walk around maybe go to an arcade

  • Jamietvlover ( 38, Bi-curious man / Wauseon, OH )

    fun and a movie

  • princess2617 ( 19, Bi-curious woman / Dane, WI )

    go to the movies and maybe kiss a little and see whereit all leads

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